Start by designating a space specifically for work. While the ideal option would be an area that is physically separate from the rest of your home – such as an office or another room – this isn’t necessary.

The perfect place to work has less to do with the physical space than it does with how you view it. You just need to have a place that you associate with work. Somewhere that puts you in the right mindset.

Anything from a small desk to the kitchen table will do, as long as it mentally prepares you to do work. Ideally, it’s also quiet and free of distractions.

Nobody has a roadmap to deal with this isolating environment. Whatever it is that brings you comfort, bring that to your workspace. video with some pointers.  
How to Master Working from Home..under Quarantine

So now you get yourself settled, geared up to tackle your work and your daughter asks for a cookie, then your son joins in. You haven’t even picked up a pen yet!

One suggestion from Julie Freedman Smith, co-founder of

Ask them to play with Lego or another activity and set a timer for 15 minutes, so you can answer three emails, for example. Set bigger blocks of time, such as an hour, for older children.

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