Now that you have made the decision to sell your home and you have selected the right agent that knows the market, the biggest question we have is what did we need to do to get our home prepared for the market. What’s next?

We’re Going to Walk You Through the Journey of What All the Next Steps Are From Getting Your Home Market-Ready and All the Way to the Closing Date!

We’re going to walk you through the journey of what all the next steps are from getting your home market-ready and all the way to the closing date!

We want to show you how our team takes the highest care of our clients so that you are getting the highest possible sale price for your home. While there is a lot to accomplish you can rest assured we have the answer to the most difficult questions and we have the team to get take the stress completely out of this.

Our fully hands-on approach will certainly help the clients who want everything Done 4 you! It’s a full concierge experience that will be as smooth as possible!

We Are Always Here for You and Look Forward to Exceeding Your Expectations in the Sale of Your Home!

Who Is on Your Team?

Nim Moussa

Nim Moussa is your lead listing agent in the and is continually involved during the preparation and is there to assist you with any questions with respect to :

1. Proceed of your home                                   
2. Timing of your listing                                     
3. Market conditions     
4. Showings
5. Potential buyers
6. Offers

Your Support Team

Throughout the preparation of your home for sale, there are many support individuals that are required to make this a success! The Nim Moussa Team strives to ensure that there is nothing overlooked or missed such setting timeline goals, pricing strategy, pre-sale home inspections, staging plan, real talk “upgrades” ( most people don’t know what to change or fix to get the home ready for market and we don’t want people to waste unnecessary money ), design, preferred trades, professional photos with digital imagery and even virtual staging. These are just some of the many perks of working with our team!

Our Process

1. Selling Design Team

This involves a Top and Bottom assessment of your home to identify the best return on investment for improvements with your design manager and your agent. We will determine the best approach for your home and get a better understanding of what level of transformation required that will get the most for your home and what you are comfortable with .

2. Pricing The Home

We understand Buyers and the market! We know what they are looking for and what is actually required and current on any home. We will provide recommendations of items that can be updated, changed or repaired to maximize and meet your selling goals. You would be surprised that most times it is not what you think and can require very little when it partnered with our successful marketing and pricing strategy.

3. Quoting and Sourcing

Once we have established the best opportunities to maximize the value of your home and have your direction, we begin bringing in our preferred trades for quotes and began pulling together design options and finishes

  • Select our preferred trades for projects
  • Schedule and attend quotes review and negotiate contracts
  • Select and source colours, finishes, fixtures and materials
  • Convenient pickup and delivery services for materials

4. Project Plan Calendar and Trade Management

We create a complete project calendar and plan for everything that will be happening between now and during the sale of your home, including

Home improvements schedule and staging plan.

Key dates inspection, list date, offer night and open houses.

A detailed list of tasks for you and your team.

5. Staging Transformation

We create a complete project calendar and plan for everything that will be happening between now and during the sale of your home, including

6. Marketing

Now that the transformation is complete, we capture your home and begin our marketing plan: Professional photography, 3D tour and virtual tour plans. Creation of your own unique property website in high-quality brochures. Professional film shoot for your property lifestyle intro video. A pre-listing marketing campaign to our clients and key agent and media contracts. Execution of a comprehensive marketing plan including local digital campaign and global exposure.

7. Listing and Showings

We create a complete project calendar and plan for everything that will be happening between now and during the sale of your home, including

8. The Offer

It is always our goal to get the highest possible price, but we cannot always be fooled by the numbers. Price is not always the determining factor when accepting an offer for many important reasons: the initial offer is usually not final, and there can be many conditions that may influence the final outcome of a price. We also have to weigh in what a buyer is asking for and what terms match your next steps. This is where our team is very experienced and trust that your team of professionals are here to help you thoroughly evaluate every proposal without compromising your marketing position.e if necessary.

9. Home Is Sold

Conditions are met, paperwork is complete and your home is now sold! This is the time to celebrate! Our job does not end as we take the lead towards the end.

Provide all the necessary paperwork to your trusted advisors such as a bank, lawyers, insurance etc.

Remove staging items and inventory.

Receive access to your virtual concierge to help you with every step of the move.

Provide a moving truck for one day.

Pizza on us for move day as we know how hard it is on moving to pack up and go.


Every single person on our team is there to help you.

Moussa Group, Building One Storey at a time.