Free Buyers Consultation

Preparation for Success

We cant wait to meet you! The Nim Moussa Team has helped hundreds or clients successfully find their dream home whether you are buying a first home, a vacation property or an investment. Our Team has been selectively chosen so that we can cover all the basis no matter what you are looking to buy. We Have the best experts in Ottawa and we want you to be fully prepared when the opportunity presents itself in the market.

The Home Buyer Consultation is where we get to know each other and help guide you with understanding the entire process. It is where opportunity meets preparation.  We help determine what your goals are when it comes to neighbourhoods, type of home, style of home, up front costs, market awareness, closing costs, possession dates and allows us to build a plan around the largest investment you will make.

Our team is excited to demonstrate our very strong negotiating skills, our knowledge in the local market combined with our experience and reputation in the industry. We will introduce you to our very effective buyer strategies, our advanced search systems, provide exclusive listings, and our comprehensive market analysis.

Once we lay the foundation and get a clear picture of what your total needs are and set the expectations, we want to ensure you that we will be communicating with you every step of the way. We will take all the stress out of the process and be your top resource for this next chapter of your life.

Empower and Inform

After the interview, take the time to walk buyers through the home buying process in your area. The NAR study above revealed that 93% of all buyers consider the knowledge of the purchase process to be ‘very important’ when selecting a real estate agent. Demonstrate your awareness by sharing the steps to homeownership with them, from making their first offer all the way to closing day.

Next, explain how you will work on their behalf. Enumerate everything you will do to help them find the best house at the best price. Highlight your knowledge of the local market, experience and negotiation skills. This is your chance to demonstrate your skills so they choose you to be their agent and trusted real estate advisor.

This is also your opportunity to establish communication expectations. Ask buyers how they prefer to be contacted – text, email, phone, all of the above – and if they have any times that are off-limits for them or if they expect to be kept informed around the clock.

If you have a buyer presentation packet that compiles all of this information for buyers to refer to whenever they like (whether presented as a hard copy they can take home with them or via email), so much the better. If not, what’s stopping you from assembling one? You can also point them to the buyer resources you have compiled on your website.

Listen Actively

Clients want to know that their concerns and priorities are being heard by their agent. Set aside time for a question and answer session during the buyer consultation. Ask them if they have any questions about the timeline, the process or your services. Make friendly eye contact while they are talking and be an active listener by repeating key questions back to them before you answer, instead of just nodding. “So you are wondering if… ? Well, I think…” This is also a great time for you to clarify any questions you may have about their needs.

Establish an Agreement

Every brokerage has a different policy on whether they request buyers to sign a buyer agreement, ensuring that the buyers will work exclusively you for the next x amount of months. If that is something your office encourages, transition seamlessly from the Q&A session to the final signature by asking, “Have I answered all of your questions? Are you ready to work together to find your dream house?” If your office does not require a signed agreement, you can still ask that very same question to affirm your relationship with a verbal agreement and a friendly handshake. Chances are – after such a stellar consultation – they will only want to work with you anyway!